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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Macarons: Magical Madness! (French Almond Macarons, NOT Macaroons)

Tuesday July 31 2012

Sheesh!  Now that I’ve put together all the steps, I can see how actually long and involved this recipe and process may seem. But seriously, once you get the hang of making macarons from scratch, you may become as addicted … Continue reading

Box Macaron Mix? (Misspelled & a “Miss,” Not a Hit)

Saturday July 28 2012

Let me preface this by saying that I REALLY wanted this to work.  (A) Because I know quite a number of people who have struggled with making macarons from scratch, so I thought this could be something I could suggest … Continue reading

From Babies to Baking… to Businesswoman!

Thursday July 26 2012

Have you ever met someone who truly inspires you?  Someone who is always so helpful and positive…that special cakey friend who usually has fresh-baked goodies on offer when  you visit her,  as well as baking supplies?!  (I know, right!? How … Continue reading

Strawberry Marshallows! (With Fresh Strawberry Puree)…

Tuesday July 24 2012

Those who know me know I have a “thing” for marshmallow.  I LOVE IT! Seriously, I’ll put it on, or in, or around, anything and everything!  I’ve done homemade versions of marvelous marshmallow in all its guises: for piping, for … Continue reading

I Dunno Why This is Called “Graffiti Cake?” – Sugar Swirls Cake Wrapper

Sunday July 22 2012

I’ve done this a few times now, and I think I’ve finally cracked it!  I read the Lorraine Pascal recipe for “Graffiti Cake,” but had not actually ever seen it done.  So without any pictures or any YouTube clips to … Continue reading

The Vintage Cake House, Farnham – Old Fashioned Loveliness

Sunday July 22 2012

My “postcards” from the delightful The Vintage Cake House: No. 5 Downing Street Farnham,  GU9 7PB.  Phone: 07891 034382 Kismet. It’s a wonderful thing.  Just as I was planning a visit to the Squires shop in Farnham, I saw a … Continue reading

Ombre Layered Cake: My One-Bowl Wonder

Friday July 20 2012

I am really beginning to think I am turning into the laziest baker in the world!  I’m always looking for shortcuts to save time, but still maintain awesome delicious-cake-iness.  OK, I admit, when I used to do rainbow cakes, OMG … Continue reading

Testing, Testing – 1, 2, 3! (A Small-batch Cupcake Testing Recipe)

Monday July 16 2012

OMG!  So this is my first ever post here.  How exciting – yay me for finally doing this!  Hmm… what shall I write about?  Well, what better way to start  testing this blogging thingie than by writing about CUPCAKE TESTING!?! … Continue reading