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Ombre Layered Cake: My One-Bowl Wonder

Friday July 20 2012

A one-bowl wonder to create this ombre-layered-style cake…

I am really beginning to think I am turning into the laziest baker in the world!  I’m always looking for shortcuts to save time, but still maintain awesome delicious-cake-iness.  OK, I admit, when I used to do rainbow cakes, OMG I would split the batter into different bowls and then colour each bit of batter separately, but that meant all the dirty bowls to clean, washing the mixer blades in between colouring, etc.  And, it was just a lot going on! BUT NO MORE!  (Well, actually, you probably still need to do at least a few separate bowls if you are going for the real 5-6-7 layered different-coloured rainbow cakes, but that’s a whole ‘nother story).

Here’s the stuff you’ll need for this process: 4 x 8″ cake tins, food colours of your choice, big batch of white / vanilla cake batter, and a scale.

The process is as follows:

So I used the Magnolia vanilla cake batter for this, as I personally love it, and it makes such a good, big bowl of batter:

Then, you:

Once your cakes have cooled completely, layer and frost from the darkest on the bottom to the lightest on the top, decorate as you wish, and then… voila!  Enjoy!!

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