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From Babies to Baking… to Businesswoman!

Thursday July 26 2012

Have you ever met someone who truly inspires you?  Someone who is always so helpful and positive…that special cakey friend who usually has fresh-baked goodies on offer when  you visit her,  as well as baking supplies?!  (I know, right!? How lucky am I to live just down the road from her!)  Well, allow me to introduce you to the lovely Fiso of Wokingham Cakes & Olive Cake Craft Supplies. That’s right – she has TWO businesses!

“I just wanted to do something that would allow me to stay home with my two, young sons.”  This is what has always been the driving force behind Fiso’s journey from babies, to baking, to businesswoman…

This is Fiso – the multi-talented baker/decorator/proprietress of Wokingham Cakes.

As this blog goes to post, July 28th will mark the 1-year anniversary of Fiso’s last day of full-time work.  In her former life, she was a Clinical Application Specialist, specialising in ultrasound equipment in the London area.  In many ways, it was her dream job, something she had been highly trained and skilled in, but it actually did require a fair bit of travel, and time away from her husband and two, young sons.

A friend had asked once asked her: “If money were not an issue, and you could do anything you wanted, what would you do?”  It clicked immediately for Fiso that she just wanted to spend all her time with her family AND IN THE KITCHEN!  So, as soon as she handed in her resignation, she started Wokingham Cakes.

What’s so inspiring about Fiso is that she had only taken one actual decorating course about 5 years ago.  With the combination of a few other courses since opening Wokingham Cakes, and the “learn-as-you-go” methodology, her natural caking talent blossomed. Check out her gorgeous royal icing work! YES – that is floating royal icing around the edges!

“But baking cakes alone didn’t provide a steady stream of income.”  So Fiso looked to diversify her offerings, and so her idea for Olive Cake Craft Supplies was born.   Since she loved making flowers, petal cutters were one of the first things she started to sell.  Since then, her stock has grown to include so many caking/decorating supplies, some of which she stocks at home… so people like me can come begging when we’ve run out of cake boards and boxes, cupcake boxes, even palette knives!  Fiso’s always there with a friendly smile.  And, no, she does not judge me and my poor stock-taking skills. LOL!

Just to give you an idea of how busy Fiso has been with the supply-side of her business, here she is literally buried beneath just half of a typical day’s shipments.

…and the other half of her daily shipments:

With two successful companies on the go, can you believe this ever-entrepreneurial businesswoman is determined to take it that one step further!?  With a very supportive husband and family/friends backing her, the sky really is the limit.  I, for one, am so excited to see what she comes up with next!

No that I expect de-luscious oatmeal cookies like these every time I pop round to Fiso’s, but they sure are a bonus!

You can contact Fiso at: / 07738119666 or via links to her sites:  and or Facebook pages as above.


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