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Polka-Dot (Inside) Cake: Multi-coloured / Multi-flavoured

Thursday September 27 2012

So I finally got around to trying out a “Polka-dot Cake.”  I think most of the versions I’ve seen have been plain vanilla; white cake + various balls in different colours.  I thought to myself: “What if you could incorporate different flavours as well as colours?”  And so I did it!

Here’s the inside & outside of my ube (purple yam) & pandan (young coconut) polka-dot cake, frosted with an ombre vanilla + ube cream cheese buttercream. But, the possibilities of flavour and colour combinations are endless: lemon/lime, chocolate/caramel, chocolate/orange, peanut butter/chocolate (ok, anything with chocolate!)


For the “dots” or cake balls, you can really use any cake or cupcake recipe you want to. An easy one I use is equal ratios of butter/caster (superfine) sugar/self-rising flour:

These silicone cake pop moulds are from Robert Dyas (UK). I got mine for about 8 GBP.  Spray the top (the side with the holes) and bottom with cake release spray & fill a little over the bottom side’s rim.  Close the top over the bottom & secure. (These click/lock into place).

I weighted the top of the silicone mould with a small cake tin to prevent the top from raising as the cake balls bake & rise.  Cook for about the same time as you would cook cupcakes. You can use the holes at the top to insert a toothpick to see if the balls are done after about 15-20 minutes.

When the cake balls are done, they will sadly not be perfectly formed. Use a sharp knife to trim off any excess.  Any that cannot be trimmed to make perfect spheres can be eaten / taste-tested.

You should end up with lovely round-ish balls.

Then, use the same recipe you used for the cake balls – maybe try a different flavour… I doubled the recipe, which was enough to fill 2 x 8-inch cake pans.

Use some of your “main cake batter” and coat the bottom of your cake pan with it about 1 cm deep, & then “stick” your cake balls into a circular pattern, each one about 1 cm apart onto that layer of batter. Use the remaining “main cake batter” to cover the cake balls completely. You should still be able to see the tops of the balls.

Bake for about 30 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius. Use a toothpick to see if the “main cake batter” is cooked through. I also do testers simultaneously to test, as you can’t cut into the cake.

Stack the 2 layers with the “bumpy sides” down. Fill and frost as you wish. The cream cheese buttercream I used is:

For this type of buttercream effect, here’s a useful YouTube video (check at around 1:55):


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2 responses to Polka-Dot (Inside) Cake: Multi-coloured / Multi-flavoured

  1. princessjess says:

    Fab tutorial Jen, I always seem to learn something new from you and today is no exception. A pandan is a young coconut!!!
    Just one question is a purple yam sweet??? Love your blog…

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