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10-Minute RKT (Rice Krispies Treat) Mug

Wednesday October 3 2012

I had a few spare minutes in the “test kitchen” tonight, and I was initially going to make another RKT sugar skull. Instead, I ended up messing around with pre-made RKT (Rice Krispies Squares here in the UK).  The “correct” way I previously posted is a bit more involved, and I think you can totally see the difference in this shortcut method in terms of the lack of smoothness of this RKT, as no crushing was involved, but for those who lack time &/or want a fun project to do with children, I think this works a treat! And, hey, I’m a fan of things that look (& taste!) homemade…

How easy is this? You just need some regular-old shop-bought fondant & the Rice Krispies Squares; the original, marshmallow ones.

I used 3 of the squares…

& then smushed them into the required shapes: the circle base, the mug part, & the handle.

I smushed some more until a mug shape was achieved, then stuck it in the freezer whilst I worked on the fondant; just a few minutes…

Colour & roll your fondant…

Then cover your mug…

Attach your mug handle, fill as desired, & literally 10 minutes later you’ll have an edible mug. Enjoy!

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