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NAUGHTY CUPCAKES: Chocolate Hi-Hat Surprise Cupcakes

Friday November 23 2012

Naughty cupcakes: not just for the holidays, and not just if you’ve been naughty…

THE BEST “HI-HAT” cupcake recipe and information comes from Martha Stewart, so I’m not going to reinvent the wheel here.  But, if you know me, you know I have to do my own little tweaks to something I already love. So, just what makes these cupcakes so naughty? It’s a few special ingredients:

You’ll end up with a cupcake with a lovely depth of flavour, a well as layers of wonderful textures.

So I actually didn’t use Martha’s cupcake recipe; I halved my normal salted dark chocolate espresso & soured cream cake recipe.  I chopped up the chillies very fine and added them to the batter. You just want a hint of chilli instead of a hot, spicy cake. Bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes.

Then, this is how you create the heart-shaped cone in the middle of the cupcake:  use a sharp knife to cut out a cone shape.

Pull out the cone, then cut the top off. You will use this to cover the hole back up.

Have your caramel and popping candy ready, and be sure to remember which tops go with which cupcakes, so they fit properly.

Fill each hole with caramel – about 3/4 way full, then add your popping candy, then another layer of caramel on top.

Replace the cupcake tops.

Then, make your marshmallow frosting as per Martha Stewart’s Hi-Hat Cupcake recipe.

Now this part is fun!

Be sure you pour your melted chocolate glaze into a taller/deeper glass jug or bowl. If you use a shallow bowl, it won’t be deep enough to dip your whole hi-hat.

Then, dip, bab, DIP!

You don’t actually have to dip the entire marshmallow top in, as some of the chocolate will drip down.  Your dipped hi-hat cupcake should then look like this:

& Decorate as you wish.

You can eat it straight away, whilst the chocolate is still gooey. Yum!  Hope you enjoy your naughty cupcakes… and the special holiday season.



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