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Christmas Cracker Cookies à la Jen

Tuesday November 27 2012

I’m gonna see if it’s possible to just show a process with just pictures.  Just start with your own, fave sugar cookie recipe (preferably one that does not “puff up”).  You’ll need some food colour, too + a rolling pin + a Christmas cracker cookie cutter – got mine from Lindy’s Cakes + some fondant/sugarpaste + some royal icing.

You can actually skip the fondant part if you opt for the coloured/patterned cookie dough.

Here goes…

this is regular sugarpaste/fondant, dyed whatever colour you want

add a lil water to adhere your fondant to your cookie

use whatever stencil you want + some edible lustre spray to spray a pattern onto your fondant

You can also do a rainbow variation:

PS – the pinata cookies inspired these for me, and I hope I am giving credit to the original here:


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