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Cruffles: { the Other Kind of Cake Balls }

Sunday December 16 2012

Ahhh, CRUFFLES!  Where do I begin?

Well, this was one of my 1st “Cruffle encounters” … I won’t name & shame this time, though, coz I do love this spot in California, but these were definitely “just” cake balls, or cake pops without the sticks & I don’t even think they has any buttercream or frosting in them :-(

So, what’s my definition of a CRUFFLE?  Well, they shouldn’t be just cake balls, otherwise, why call them cruffles at all? Just call them cake balls.  In any case, I have come up with an easy-ish way to make homemade cruffles, which I believe should be a proper cross between cakes &  truffles, & even with an optional yummy filling.  I hope the photos & links to my previous recipes are pretty self-explanatory, so here you go…

So you start with baking up your moistest cake, and crumbling it up. My recipe can be found here:  ** If you use this recipe, you should be able to make about 30 cruffles.

Then, make some ganache. I used 200g of Green & Black’s burnt toffee dark chocolate + 200 g double cream, per the usual method.


I then added the ganache whilst it was still runny, into the crumbled cake: about 75% cake + 25% ganache. Mix together well with your hands until the mix feels like chocolate truffle mixture, or until it binds together easily.

Roll your cake crumb & ganache mix into balls (mine are approx 1.5 inches in diameter), and place on a cookie sheet or other non-stick pan/parchment paper. Put into the fridge for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Whip up some caramel. This time I used burnt-salted-whiskey-caramel.  (my easy recipe is here:, or you can use store-bought. Put it into a small piping bag.

Once your cruffles have set in the fridge, use a small fruit corer to remove a bit of the centre; hold the cruffle securely so it keeps its shape. Be sure to save the bits you remove.

They should look like this.


Fill the cruffle holes about halfway with caramel.

Use the centres you cored out to fill the holes back up, then reshape the cruffles back into round balls.  Place them back into the fridge for a further minimum of 30 minutes.


Dip your cruffle into chocolate & allow to cool on your non-stick baking tray or parchment paper.

Allow the chocolate to completely set, then place your cuffles in petit four or mini-cupcake cases to serve (& enjoy!)

PS: Other versions I have made include red velvet with cream cheese buttercream filling, dipped in white chocolate, or chocolate-Guinness cruffles, filled with whiskey or baileys buttercream :-)

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