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Polka-Dot (Inside) Cake: Multi-coloured / Multi-flavoured

Thursday September 27 2012

So I finally got around to trying out a “Polka-dot Cake.”  I think most of the versions I’ve seen have been plain vanilla; white cake + various balls in different colours.  I thought to myself: “What if you could incorporate … Continue reading

Jen’s Salted Dark Chocolate / Espresso / Soured Cream Cake Recipe

Wednesday August 22 2012

So, I made my favourite chocolate cake again tonight, and thought I should share the recipe.  This recipe produces a really rich, most cake, which couples well with creamy fillings/frostings. As it’s not an overly sweet cake, I find it … Continue reading

I Dunno Why This is Called “Graffiti Cake?” – Sugar Swirls Cake Wrapper

Sunday July 22 2012

I’ve done this a few times now, and I think I’ve finally cracked it!  I read the Lorraine Pascal recipe for “Graffiti Cake,” but had not actually ever seen it done.  So without any pictures or any YouTube clips to … Continue reading

Ombre Layered Cake: My One-Bowl Wonder

Friday July 20 2012

I am really beginning to think I am turning into the laziest baker in the world!  I’m always looking for shortcuts to save time, but still maintain awesome delicious-cake-iness.  OK, I admit, when I used to do rainbow cakes, OMG … Continue reading