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Category Archives: French Macarons

More Magical Macaron-ing…Chocolate, Colouring & Shaping

Tuesday August 7 2012

I’ve had a few requests for additional macaron-ing techniques, & the cool thing is that you can use my original macaron recipe/technique to achieve these… Those who have visited my Jen’s Just Desserts Facebook Page know that I have tried … Continue reading

Macarons: Magical Madness! (French Almond Macarons, NOT Macaroons)

Tuesday July 31 2012

Sheesh!  Now that I’ve put together all the steps, I can see how actually long and involved this recipe and process may seem. But seriously, once you get the hang of making macarons from scratch, you may become as addicted … Continue reading

Box Macaron Mix? (Misspelled & a “Miss,” Not a Hit)

Saturday July 28 2012

Let me preface this by saying that I REALLY wanted this to work.  (A) Because I know quite a number of people who have struggled with making macarons from scratch, so I thought this could be something I could suggest … Continue reading