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Rice Krispie Treat (RKT) Skulls – Part 2: Pimp My RKT!

Monday October 1 2012

HI again!  If you’re reading this, I’m hoping that you’ve read up on the first part of “RKT Skulling.”  If not, please refer to my previous post on how to create the base Rice Krispie Treat skull. I’m afraid I … Continue reading

Just in Time for Halloween: Rice Krispie Treat (RKT) Skulls

Monday October 1 2012

I love me some skull cake! …and not just for Halloween.  You can check out the ones I’ve created on my Jen’s Just Desserts Facebook Page.  I’ve been lucky enough to own the “Wilton 3D Skull Pan” for a few … Continue reading

Pimp My Oreos – The Chocolate Kiss Re-Mix

Monday August 20 2012

How much fun would these be for a bridal shower or hen party?  These are chocolate covered Oreos, and I swear they’re not too difficult to make. You need to find the right moulds. Mine are from the US, and … Continue reading

Strawberry Marshallows! (With Fresh Strawberry Puree)…

Tuesday July 24 2012

Those who know me know I have a “thing” for marshmallow.  I LOVE IT! Seriously, I’ll put it on, or in, or around, anything and everything!  I’ve done homemade versions of marvelous marshmallow in all its guises: for piping, for … Continue reading