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Mulled Wine Cupcakes with Brandy Butter Italian Meringue Buttercream

Friday December 13 2013

I’ve promised this recipe to a few peeps now, but as per usual, my “problem” is that I tend to just throw stuff in a bowl & hope for the best.  I’m mostly kidding, but it is partially true. I … Continue reading

#Amazing #Cupcakes! (Chocolate & Salted Caramel) a la Jen’s Just Desserts

Tuesday October 8 2013

Yup, people have said these are LIFE-CHANGING CUPCAKES, even THE BEST THEY’VE EVER TASTED. There’s no real secret to this – just a decent recipe producing a light, moist, fluffy cake, that’s not overly sweet. In fact, the cake borders … Continue reading

IL FLOTTANTE: Meringue Roses & Vanilla Custard

Sunday January 20 2013

This is a great way to use 3 large eggs: whites for the meringues & yolks for the custard. FOR THE MERINGUE ROSES (recipe yields approximately 20 roses) 3 large egg whites 3/4 cup caster sugar 2 teaspoons egg white … Continue reading

Royal Icing Run-outs: Flowers à la Jo Mitchell

Thursday November 29 2012

My lovely friend, Jo, taught me how to make these gorgeous royal icing run-out flowers earlier this year, and with her permission, I’m finally publishing the photos I snapped of Jo teaching me how to make these. Well, all you … Continue reading

NAUGHTY CUPCAKES: Chocolate Hi-Hat Surprise Cupcakes

Friday November 23 2012

Naughty cupcakes: not just for the holidays, and not just if you’ve been naughty… THE BEST “HI-HAT” cupcake recipe and information comes from Martha Stewart, so I’m not going to reinvent the wheel here.  But, if you know me, you … Continue reading

Chequered Pumpkin Cake in Shades of Autumn (+ Salted Burnt Caramel Drizzle)

Wednesday October 24 2012

So I had some cake-xperimentation time recently & as I was planning to attend a Clandestine Cake Club meeting to which members were requested to bring cakes with “a taste of autumn” theme, I immediately thought: PUMPKIN!  But, of course … Continue reading

Peanut Butter Cupcakes + PB & Marshmallow Frosting… My Current #1 Most-Requested Flavour!

Sunday September 16 2012

I grew up with peanut butter & <grape> jelly sandwiches in Virginia & California, & love anything with peanut butter (PB) even now. When I first moved to the UK over a decade ago, I have to say that people … Continue reading

From Babies to Baking… to Businesswoman!

Thursday July 26 2012

Have you ever met someone who truly inspires you?  Someone who is always so helpful and positive…that special cakey friend who usually has fresh-baked goodies on offer when  you visit her,  as well as baking supplies?!  (I know, right!? How … Continue reading

Strawberry Marshallows! (With Fresh Strawberry Puree)…

Tuesday July 24 2012

Those who know me know I have a “thing” for marshmallow.  I LOVE IT! Seriously, I’ll put it on, or in, or around, anything and everything!  I’ve done homemade versions of marvelous marshmallow in all its guises: for piping, for … Continue reading